Planting Plans

What is a Planting Plan?

Consultation Sketch by Nina

Garden Design Consultation Sketch by Nina

A planting plan is a drawing that acts as a ‘map’ indicating where the plants will be located in your garden.  It is prepared by a horticulturist, who understands which plants will grow best in your garden based on soil type, size, aspect and other factors.  The plan takes into account colours, sizes and shapes of plants and is carefully designed to create a beautiful garden for you.

The plan includes names and quantities of each plant.

A Personal Garden Notebook is included, which gives detailed information about each plant and care instructions.

Why Do I Need a Planting Plan?

  • If you are unsure about planting the right plants in the right place.
  • You need help with style and colour combinations.
  • You may have seen a beautiful garden in a magazine and want to recreate it.
  • Saves you time and money.
  • Gives you peace of mind.
  • Acts as a ‘working drawing’ for whoever is going to plant the plants.
  • You need notes on how to care for your plants.

Our Garden Designer will professionally assess the areas you want planted taking into account soil type, size, shape, aspect and micro climate. Having considered options, we’ll provide you withsome initial ideas and suggest which plants will work best in your garden.

For the Planting Plan Presentation we will draw up a detailed scale Planting Plan.

The Planting Plan Presentation will also include a quote for plants and planting them if required.

Personal Garden Notebook

Once  your planting plan is complete, we will create your personal Garden Notebook which will include information on all your new plants

What Plant Information Will I Find In My Garden Notebook?

  • Plant Photos
  • Heights and Spreads
  • Descriptions
  • Flower Colours
  • How to Care for Them

Forget rummaging through different reference books and notepads, with your own personal garden notebook you can keep all your gardening information in a single place.

If you would like a free quote for your planting plan, please contact us on Tel: 016973 23848 or [email protected]